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What Is An Anti-Glare Screen?

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 27, 2018

A screen that uses a layer or coating to reflect light is called an anti-glare screen. This layer constraints reflections when you use it in bright light conditions. Such as when you’re working outside or sitting next to an open window.

Research has shown that anti-glare screens reduce ocular complaints in screen users to a certain level.

The Significance of Anti-Glare Screen

A screen with anti-glare technology is made to reduce the amount of light that reflects off the screen. Reflected light or glare can be extremely hard on the eyes. It often lessens the display’s contrast, colors, and sharpness.

Most people find it more less tiring to view a display on a screen with anti-glare technology.

By removing the light reflected from displays, an anti-glare filter reduces glare. The screen could be a computer monitor, LCD, or flat-screen display. Lowering the monitor’s viewing angle, also help to improve privacy.

The screen, therefore, can’t be viewed from the side. Thus, privacy screens are sometimes known as screens with anti-glare filters. Standard anti-glare filters use a coating to reduce reflection from glass or plastic surfaces, which reduces glare.

Why do you need an anti-glare screen?

You need an anti-glare screen for many reasons. Glare is the result of light from a source of light like the Sun) reflecting glass or screen, and it can make it difficult to see. These glare effects can be diminished with an anti-glare coating.

According to the coating’s haze value and the type of screen surface, they can also increase the aspect of texture in the image.

How Do You Know If Your Screen is Anti-Glare?

A screen that reduces glare won’t reflect light the way a regular TV screen would. It will conduct itself like a matte guard. It will therefore be significantly obscured. The most straightforward illustration you can find is to ask if, when you are close to the screen, you can see your reflection.

If you can see every little detail, the screen is not anti-glare. However, an anti-glare screen is present if you can’t see your reflection in it. And it is the simplest way of finding this.

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