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The difference between TFT screen and LCD

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Both TFT screen and LCD are a type of liquid crystal display. Liquid crystal display is a display technology that can use liquid crystal materials to control the polarization direction of light to display images.

TFT screen (Thin Film Transistor) is a liquid crystal display technology that uses a special thin film transistor technology to control the optical properties of liquid crystals. TFT screens have a very high pixel density and image clarity and are commonly used in high-end electronic products such as high-end smartphones, tablets and laptops.


LCD screen (Liquid Crystal Display) is a widely used liquid crystal display technology, which is composed of a layer of liquid crystal material and two plates. Liquid crystal molecules adjust the degree of light transmission by changing the polarization direction, thereby realizing the display of images. LCD screens are suitable for various electronic products such as TVs, computer monitors, digital cameras, smart watches, etc.


Although both TFT screens and LCD screens are liquid crystal display technologies, they have some differences in pixel density, display effect, response speed, power consumption, etc.

1. Pixel density: TFT screens usually have higher pixel density, which can present more delicate and clearer images, while LCD screens have relatively low pixel density.


2. Display effect: Compared with LCD screens, TFT screens have higher contrast and more vivid colors, and have better color reproduction and wider viewing angles.


3. Response speed: The response speed of the TFT screen is relatively fast, and the refresh rate is also higher, which can present a smoother picture. The response speed of the LCD screen is slow, and it is prone to smearing and other phenomena.


4. Power consumption: Compared with LCD screens, TFT screens are more energy-efficient and have lower power consumption.


5. Cost: The manufacturing cost of TFT screen is relatively high, because it requires more complex technology to control the pixels. LCD screens are relatively cheap to manufacture.



Compared with LCD screens, TFT screens are superior in image quality and performance, but at a higher cost. The LCD screen is more suitable for some low-end products and some basic needs.



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